Can you see me?


I sit here and look at you

Threw open eyes

I wonder if you truly see me 

I know I see you clearly

But do you see me for me???

Or do you just see the pretty face

And hot body?

When you look into my eyes

Do you not see the tortured soul

That is within me?

When I look into your eyes 

I see the troubles and the love

You have

Not only for me but for others

As well

But can you see 

The torture my soul is goin threw?

My heart aches and has scars

My mind and body have been used

Your the only thing that keeps me sane

Your my shining light through this storm

That is raging deep inside of me

You keep the storm at bay

With out your love

I would not know how to feel

Or to go out places and be normal

Or at least as normal as I can be

But can you truly see me

Threw my eyes

Like I can you?

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