Euphoria turned to dysphoria 

My heart aches for ya. 


Correspondent turned to despondent

The truth hurts, yeah. 


Overcome with grief, 

Were we too young to meet? 


I can’t lie, this shit is fucking bleak. 

I can’t eat, I can’t sleep- Maybe it’s my ADHD but,

You consume my mind endlessly. 


Replaying old memories of when we fell in love getting drunk 

or exploring other cities. 


I’ll miss that birthmark on the right side of your inner cheek-

The way it fit so perfectly. 


I know talk is cheap but let these words hit deep. 

I hope you think of me when you’re 40. 

Wondering what we would be if you didn’t let me leave. 


You know, I hope one day we meet in a different city 

Where you could be you and I could be me. 

And we could be.


From all our childhood toxicity

And we could start our own family. 


I hope one day it turns into a reality, 

but like Biggie said it was all just a dream. 

In New York City. 

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