Missing the Darkness


I miss the darkness the most
The feeling as the night enveloped me
The thoughts of your touch
Your warmth
Your smile

I miss the energy you expelled
Blending with the essences of all that surrounded you
I miss the warmth you gave on long cold nights
The pace of your racing heartbeat whenever you thought of me
I miss never getting to know our love fully
Never having the chance to find eternity

But most of all, I miss the darkness
When the shadows can't be seen
And only the memories remain
I miss your silhouette against the night sky
The way the moon shimmered off your hair
The way your eyes glowed when you gazed upon me

I miss your taste
Your scent
Your wiles

But most of all, I miss the darkness
Because it was there, in the dead of night
That you came to be everything I never knew I needed
And it was there
That last time
When you forever vanished
And I was left alone
Missing the darkness

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