Wings of Poetry

PP Elite

On the wings of blessings
I’m humbled by the tides
And on the wings of guessing
I feel so pacified
Floating in the mist above
The world I left behind
I’m caught up in the wings of love
That course throughout the sky

On the wings of heavens
I write these words tonight
And on the wings of poetry
I write these words to rhyme
So blessed the endeavor
Stealing shadows from the light
I know now that I never
Knew such words would cross my eyes

On the wings of poets
We dance throughout the night
While this tale of fairies shows it
I realize just why
I am captured and I know it
These stories in my mind
And I hope that I don’t blow it
When I dedicate this rhyme

On the softly flowing wings
Pulling poetry to life
On the wings of poetry
I caress my own delight
Because on the wings of poetry
I find the strength to write

Author's Notes/Comments: 

reposted in your honor, dear.

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