Afterlife (part VI)

A Fallen Hero

Up on a cloud and angel lies in wait
As her hero summons life to break a demon's chains
Her knight, who for her, his life, he gave
Always running back, always running away

I've broken my own sanctity to save another life
And little did I know who the demon was this time
I chased the scream I heard into the night
Trapping me inside, I become the one who's victimized

I can hear my angel now, as she calls out from the sky
"Oh, my silly knight," her softly whispered cry
"This is what you get for giving up on paradise"

I can hear her words as they echo in my mind
They remind me I ignored the warning signs
How can a soul be burned inside its own fire
And how can I save the soul from what's in its mind
I should've just accepted that I've been given my fate
And never jumped for any chance for souls that I could save
I should've just accepted how the story's pages played
And never given in to try at turning back the page

But I could not accept that was the end for me
I never felt deserving, and still I feel my defeat
How could those ashes that pressed into my lungs
Build a paradise from a life that's come undone
The surrealism always shadowed me
And even in my heaven, I was blind, you see
That the one who held my life was up there waiting
And I keep rushing off, the cycle keeps repeating
How can I accept the cinders that I coughed away
When life is down here and it's continuing each day

I gave my own life for the first I tried to save
I gave my all and we both died anyway
So how can I accept and live in paradise
When my failure is the reason, we're both not alive
And how can I stay there as the time moves on in waves
When I feel that I'm just worthless with no one else to save

But now, in my futile attempt at proof
I find that I'm the one who's fated to lose
As I lay here in my mind, my subconscious thoughts a plague
I wonder why I died, and why I keep coming back to play
Like some mindless drone trapped inside this wicked game
I should've just accepted my own ending when it came

As I release a silent cry into the darkness in my mind
It is in this moment, that I truly realize
I cannot be happy, because I am still ashamed
My angel deserves more than someone who runs away
I owe her an apology, if we ever meet again
Time moves on so slowly when the afterlife begins
And I have no idea when this torture will reach its end
I scream into my thoughts as the weakness settles in

Two souls will be broken by the choice that I have made
And I will once again be dishonored by my shame
And from this torture chamber, I know I must escape
So deep inside me somewhere, I need to find my strength
Because a soul is broken and is now a pawn to him
Sucked in by the woos of this demon

In moments, though, I know that I'll awake
And when my eyes are open, and my body's wrapped in chains
I will not remember anything that I have said
But there is something this demon still forgets
No matter what he does, or how hard he hits
There is still no way to kill the dead

As my eyes open, and the ruddy like sneaks in
I remind myself of those last words again
I hope that they will not be lost to my head
As I find my voice, I scream at both of them
You fools, don't you know, you cannot kill the dead


Author's Notes/Comments: 

...our fallen hero's introspection

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