The Scream (part V)

A Fallen Hero

The scream rings out in the night
Another fallen victim to a demon's delight
While the hero waited on the edge of the sky
With bated breath knowing he would soon hear the cry

An effervescent flourish of fire rises high
Calling for this hero, reminding him it's time
His angel gazes fondly as he leaps from paradise
Back to the world that gave them both their afterlife

"Silly, silly knight," she calls out to her knight
"Save another victim in the darkness of the night"

The scream called me from another broken soul
Caged by a wretched demon down below
Without warning, thought, or consequence
I rose up from my roost
Waiting for the chance to glimpse
The cries of tortured youth

I alight softly, trailed by fire from the sky
March quickly through the darkness in my eyes
Seek out the one who only seeks the world's demise
To free another angel from the torrent of his lies
In my head I ponder how to bring the beast into the light
As I leave my heaven, go to hell, and fight this fight

More guards, I notice, as I come upon the gates
Apparently the stories of my dark and twisted fate
Have traveled through the darkness, and for me they all await
Can't keep them waiting, so to the walls I go with haste
The quicker I can reach them, the sooner they'll be slain
And from their wicked means, one more soul can be saved
I search the walls for weakness, as I quicken in my pace
By the gate a demon stands ready with his blade
As I sneak up behind him, he quickly turns my way
And I can see the fear of who I am upon his face
Swiftly he parries, swinging wildly towards the place
Where I dodge his blows and end his guarding reign

A dying cry from his wretched mouth, and all demon's awake
An army lying just on the other side of the iron gate
I take the gate as quickly as I can with all my strength
The iron is no match for my forged-in-heaven blade

The army stands ready, all the demons are amassed
Once more I go to work until I've felled all but the last
He smirks and lunges at me, damn does he move fast
But he doesn't know that he can't kill one who's already passed
Too eager he attacks not knowing the one with whom he's clashed
He blocks my sword but quickly falls upon my axe
And with one swing he lits down to the ground a pile of ash

Now, into the castle, where this demon takes lost souls
I rush with all my will to save the victim he controls
But little do I know the story that will unfold
Into the torture chamber, I find him all alone

"Good knight, I have been waiting here," he goads
"So glad that you join us. We didn't think that you would show"

We the words slides off his tongue with a bitter hiss
Suddenly my mouth is filled with taste of coppery bits
The light begins to fade as I feel that I've been hit
In my fading vision, I see the angel laugh at this
The scream that she released was just a snare to pull me in
Just before the darkness, I hear the demons voice again

"We've all found out your secret, so we've set this little trap
Ensnared you with your own desire for revenge that you exact
But foolish pride only lands you exactly where you're at
The ruse was set only for the chance to drag you back"

So this was just a trap that I let myself fall in

"Oh, please, my master, let me have a poke at him

At her words the darkness finally settles in

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<> --TBC-- <>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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