What Does ZERO Mean To You?


I love how I initiate contact online
Tell you that the only contact will be online
That I have zero time for phone calls
And what do you respond with?

"Do you have time for a 10-15 minute phone conversation?"

Oh, absolutely, because I guess zero is just a relative term...

What part of ZERO did you miss?
ZERO is not 10-15 minutes
ZERO is zero minutes
No, I don't have time to talk to you on the phone
I barely have time to chat online
I'm wasting my breaks as it is sending you emails
Emails that explicitly state that I have no time to pick up the phone
And worse than you asking for 10-15 minutes on the phone
I find a missed call from you

Could you please tell me where you learned the English language?
I really want to know
No, wait, don't tell me, you might need me to make phone time for you to answer.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I mean, seriously?

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