Hello: I AM D

Hello; I am Rhythm
I dance inside your mind
Make curious divine
Kick beats that make you fly

Hello; I am Contention
The madness in your life
The fights you always fight
Because you know that you're right

Hello; I am Reason
That voice that says don't play
That fun gets in the way
Who you must follow every day

Hello; I am Madness
The voice that sets you free
I push for all you hope to be
And tell you life is just a dream

Hello; I am Lost
Like the memories you have
And everything you never had
You will find me when you're sad

Hello; I am Thought
So carelessly caressed
But in your mind I'm blessed
To stand above the rest

Hello; I am Daydream
Like the hopes you always pride
The wish you keep inside
Trapped inside your waking mind

Hello; I am Safety
The feeling you can't feel
But I assure you that I'm real
And in time I'll be revealed

Hello; I am Certainty
That thing you never grasp
The thing you always feel you lack
But still, I keep on coming back

Hello; I am D
And it's so nice to meet you
What is it you'd like to do
I promise I'll come through

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