How I Met Your Mother (a collaboration)

Seven and Roc

He stares at his hands in the middle of the dance floor
Scared that girl at the other end might see
That she's the one he's been building courage all night to ask for
Just one chance for just one dance to make a memory

She listened to the music as it drowned out the noise,
Her frame and posture in perfect poise.
Knowing this night would end too soon,
If he knew that she had wanted him to.

He fumbled through the crowd to where she was
Hoping that his fear would not advance
Knowing that he only had one chance
To ask her if she'd like to day
But when she turned around and saw him standing there
A wry smile curved her lips and the lonely boy got scared
Without a word he made his retreat
Went to the bar, sat down and ordered him a drink
He though "you fool, why couldn't you just say"
He bowed his head to hide the shame
As the song inside his head continued to play
"Don't be fallin in love, as she's walkin away"

He sat at the bar with his hand on his face,
Ready to embrace his shame and disgrace.
How the hell could he let her go?
Instead he let the coward show.
He took a swallow of beer in his humble retreat,
Until someone walked up beside him, taking a seat.
His heartbeat was rapid, the force nearly stabbing,
She looked at the bartender.."I'll have what he's having"

He nearly fell out of his seat, as she looked at him and smiled
He could almost see the fire burning in her eyes
Something in his mind said "Just say 'Hi'"
Instead of words, just a mumbled chide
She laughed as he fumbled with his drink
She knew that he was nervous, she thought it was sweet
She introduced herself, and he mumbled out his name
What are we drinking? she asked him, smiling
"Boston Lager," he managed replying

"It's a first time for me!" She jokingly laughed,
Nervously chugging down nearly half.
She wondered if he'd noticed that she was on edge,
He watched as her face turned a light shade of red.

"It's the best if you like beer bitter-sweet"
He said outside of his anxiety
"Oh, I love this song" she sat her beer down
Grabbed him by the hand and dragged him out
"Come dance with me," she urged, sheepishly
Without hesitation, he followed her lead
She pulled him out into the crowd
And they danced until the band died down

She looked at him, he looked at her
As the search for words began to stir.
"Thanks for the dance" she sweetly smiled,
Hoping he'd stick around a while.
The couples around them hugged and kissed,
She couldn't help to be jealous of them.

His reservation made him nervous
He wished he was brave enough to ask for a kiss
Then a bargirl walking around with shots sidled by
So he bought four and gave her a smile
"A few shots of courage" he thought to his mind
Then maybe I won't be too scared to try
She took two and he did too
Then a moment later, their lips were glued

It started out nervous, then began to grow
She wasn't quite sure how far she should go.
She decided to enjoy it and leave the decision to him,
Wrapped her arms tight around him and kissed him again.


"Is that how you and mommy met?" he asked me with a grin
Five years old and so very curious
I said "Yeah, son, it sure is.
Now, do you want me to finish."
He grinned his little grin, his eyes opened wide
And I continued telling him about his mom and I

They stood there until the bar closed
Wrapped up in each other's hold
The music gone, the band went home
But there they danced to music of their own

The announcement cleared the room
Last call meant it was nearly time to go
He looked her into her eyes so blue
And said "I'm not ready to go home"

She smiled in agreement as they dimmed out the lights,
Then softly whispered, "come with me tonight."
She took his hand leading him away from the floor,
Sharing a kiss as they left through the exit door.

They danced through the parking lot, hand in hand, toe to toe
She led him through the woods to a little place she liked to go
Down by the lake to little floating dock
She took his hand in hers and said "Out here there is no clock"
They danced together wrapped in the moonlight
He kissed her one more time and then he gazed into her eyes

She looked back at his, not knowing what to say,
The comfort of his warm embrace is where she'd like to stay.

"I know it's kind of sudden" he choked through nervous breath
"But the feeling that I have with you is one I never felt
From the moment that I saw you, I knew where I want to be
Spending every moment with you smiling back at me
Now, I'm not gonna ask you on the first night
But I just want you to know that it's on my mind
I'd like to take the chance to see how far this feeling goes
Can we meet back here tomorrow and dance to this song?"

She felt a shudder through her soul she'd never felt before,
She blushed and replied: "I'd love nothing more."
She brushed her fingers through his hair savoring the bliss,
"If you won't ask me tonight, I'll settle for another kiss."

They shared another kiss before she said "I have to get home
"But meet me back here at the same time tomorrow"
He held her hand as he walked her to her car
The sun had nearly risen, showing early signs of dawn
Standing at the car with her car keys in her hand
She said "I don't want to leave, but I hope you understand"
He smiled and nodded, because he knew she was worth the wait
He skipped back to his car as he watched her drive away

"That was the best story ever," my little guy beamed
I looked down at him, said "I almost agree"
"What could be better?" he asked, his eyes a vivid blue
"That would be the day, that mommy gave me you"
"I still think the first date is better" he said
I couldn't hold a tear back as he smiled
"You know, that was three years ago, to this very day
When Mommy climbed inside my beating heart"
"But, daddy, I'm five years old," he said
"That you are, son. That you are"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

All italicized verses courtesy of Seven Grey. May her inkwell never dry.

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