What's in the Rain?


I wonder if each raindrop
Is a shard of someone's pain
Being carried on the wind
I wonder if the raindrops
Are remnants of memories
Searching for someone to give relief

Does the storm brewing inside a broken heart
Send the rain down to soak the earth
And shower all the lost souls seeking shelter from the pain
Does the fight inside a broken mind
Send storms to drench the night

I'm reminded of the song "Like the Rain"
And wonder if each raindrop makes a path
To send us all to solace and the place we're meant to be
Does each raindrop carry an emotion to the sea
To spread the love, and hate, and fear, and the belief
Into the waves to let the tide churn up everything
Like Alice's Pool of Tears creating portals in between
The world's of pain and awe inspiring things

What's in the rain?
I wonder
When I cannot see
What's in the rain
I wonder
When I lose belief

Does a raindrop take away a memory
Dry up, fly high, and fall back onto me
Is a storm nothing more than a wave of agony
With thunder claps and lightning strikes
Releasing painful energies

What's in the rain
I wonder
As I write this out
What's in the rain
I wonder
Why does it come down?

Is it there to cleanse, remind, or feed
The feelings we let out or hold to keep
What's in the rain
I wonder
As it falls on me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Ramie's Black Satin Lace

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