I'm utterly confused


Can't you be beautiful
And not my type
And that be ok?

Can't we be friends
Unencumbered by desire
And that be ok?

Why must you always seek validation from attraction?
Why is it wrong to not fall in love with you?
And why does it have to be an issue that I don't want to be with you?
You don't really feel anything more than friendship anyway
So why can't we leave the benefits out of it?

All the looks don't mean a thing anyway
It's who you are that made me your friend
You are beautiful, in every physical way
Just not the ways that appeal to me
I see the world through a different lens
And we both know how you are in relationships
You get bored too easily
Even as friends, you've gotten bored with me
And that's ok

You're always chasing dragons
While I keep the demons at bay
And that works for us
It always has
Don't let curiosity turn us into a mistake

But who knows
Maybe one day that will change
But you have to learn to love yourself
Before you can be in love with me
Before you can be in love with anything
I love you, you know that
Strictly platonically
Be satisfied that what we have will always be
And there's no need in complicating
Because some things once they are broken
Can never be repaired
Some things, once they are lost
Can never be retrieved

Can't you still be beautiful
And not my type romantically
And that still be ok?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An argument ensued after a joke about sleeping together.
There's much more to the situation that doesnt need to be aired publicly, but it left me a little bewildered. Can't men and women be friends, and still be attractive, just not to each other? Do all the women of my generation (late 20s to early 30s) seek validation through sex appeal, or is it really about eliciting power and control. Isn't it possible to reassure someone with sleeping with them to do it?

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