"I thought you were a doll"

I am what each choice makes me

"You wanted me to be your puppet"

I want a great many things

"You speak in riddles"

I speak my words as I wish them to be

"Then why me?"

Because you found your wings in my web
And in doing so chose me
I do not feign my truth
I keep my secrets deep
I only saw in you
What I could never be

The sun chased the shadow
Lit the world for all the see
Admiration of the shallow
Fed the ignorance to believe
That when she crept in silently
You'd be safe, and you'd be free to be happy
Or maybe happy to be free

I cannot show you any more than what is inside me
I devour my desire and I feed off your belief
I cannot love
I cannot touch
Because I always destroy all the reach for me

What a twisted web
A labyrinth we weave
Fueling bitterness
With every chance
Chasing innocence
With every glance

She creeps in silently
Waiting for her prey to fall asleep
So, in the darkness she can feed
And you'll be left broken and empty
Just a shell of what you used to be

I am a shadow in the darkness
A secret lost to time
And when you come upon me
I will steal what you hold tight

"And I thought you were just a doll with a puppet"

You saw what you chose to see

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#235 Black widow

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