In Shadow

Where in shadow
Can I find sanctuary
Where in shadow
Is the meaning that will bring
Answers to questions asked in the night
Solace to welcome the oncoming light

Where in shadow
Will the secrets try to hide
Where in shadow
Is the light that I can't find
In the depths of a storm ridden mind
Far from any escape in my sight

In shadow I can see what's inside
In shadow I find the stories I write
Stranger than fiction and stronger than might
In shadow I find that I don't need to hide

So, where in shadow
Will I come to find
The answers to questions still plaguing my mind
And where in shadow
Can I come to know
The truth of what being me's made to show

Standing in shadow
The shadows before my eyes
Behind the facade of a beautiful life
Lying in shadow
The stars swallowed by the night
A dream just to dream is a beautiful lie

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