You've got me wishing
For a mission
to dispose of inhibitions
While I concentrate on missing
All the things I've not yet mentioned
Now's the time for my admission
Of the guilt that I've been sensing
From my unspoken intentions

You've got me wishing
I'll forget this
Flood of sudden intuition
From the subtle superstition
Fueling all your condescension
For the things that I intended
to be devoid of all selfishness
Shared by all in recognition
of the essence of forgiveness

You've got me wishing
For instances
Left without the consequences
of our misguided remembrance
For a chance the some resemblance
To a time that held a semblance
Of the choice we could be given
With everything that's worth remembering
Through depth of consciousness
Comes intents
That were simply meant to insist
On everything that shows within this
List of things you've got me wishing

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