I am a broken man
Stretched thin and weighted down
Responsible for more than I can stand
"Do it all and do it now"
Chase my tail to fall flat on my ass
Never finding where the time meets with the cash
Too much to do, no time to sit and think
To many things always landing on my plate

I am a broken man
Don't understand
Why the world always falls on me
Every time
I try to climb
The ground gives way beneath

I need reprieve
I need escape
Somewhere to release
All this day to day

Damned if I do and damned if I don't
What can I do when my best isn't good enough
What do I do and where do I go
When I can never seem to find my way back up

I am a broken man
Knocked down at every turn
Just to get back up again
To be pushed in the dirt

TFK said it best
"This is the art of breaking"

It's like some cosmic joke
Like some real life Truman Show
"How much can he endure?
How long until he breaks?"


33 years!

I am broken now
Can't find my way back out
I'm tired, too damn tired
To put up with this anymore
Something's gotta change
Something's gotta give
I'm seeking some escape
Some better way to live

Because I am
A broken man

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I cannot bend until I break
How much can one man's body take?

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