Forever And A Day

Story Bones

She looked at him purposefully, staring, where she used to glare
There was a sort of shine to his dark blue eyes
She couldn't figure out when her thoughts went from hate to just dislike
Or when she lost the compulsion to rip out his hair

Maybe, time does change things, she thought, laughingly
Or maybe I just see things differently...after everything we've seen

She was looking at him again, and he couldn't help but fret
He'd grown attached to her over time, but she always seemed upset
She'd hated every thing about him from the momental they met
But this look was different that it seemed before
And sort of cold calculation, instead of looking like she's scorned
He shuddered inside afraid that she could see
That he worried about what she thought he should be
He couldn't be for certain just when the change took place
But she'd somehow become something he could not replace
And if she'd hated him forever, he'd wait forever and a day

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