Nightmare's Final Rest


When a nightmare thinks it’s more than just a dream
When your wrists are bleeding and your lungs won’t let you breathe
While the dusk is fading for the darkness to come through
While each heartbeat gives a throbbing you can’t seem to sooth
When you fall apart and wonder how you hit so hard
When the night gives no surrender and your solace seems so far
When you look into my eyes because you can’t take anymore
Maybe you’ll remember how I've evened up the score
But when the time is right and the silence is your friend
While creeping in the shadows in a mask of pure pretend
When you reach into the air and scream as silent as the wind
You will beg for mercy; for this dream to come to end
When you’re given mercy, for your life you’ll have to fend
When you’re finished learning, it starts over again
When this game you started, that you thought you could win
You found that your challenge was the true guise of your sin
Now in retrospect, you’ll realize the lie
Was nothing more than truth that you could never hide
A game began on lies, just a useless wasted test
The time has finally come for this nightmare’s final rest

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