What's in a dream?


So, if you're always on mind mind
And I'm always on yours
Why is it that we cannot be?

If you show up in my dreams
What does it really mean?
They say that dreams exist in different time
Hours passing in real life moments
It must be true, because the dream lasted three days
And I woke in a cold sweat again, after being asleep for less than an hour

You showed in another one a few nights ago
And I haven't wrapped my head around it yet
In every dream you're with someone we simply call "he"
And "he" was out of town, and you were bored and lonely
So, I drove across that state line at your request
Not knowing what to actually expect
We spent two days, just you and me
The boy was at your mother's for the weekend
Your friend showed up on day three
She's either new, or I imagined her
Because I didn't recognize who she was
She was flirty
You were spitting nails
Then it all changed
You said it was time to go
"He" was on "his" way home and I couldn't be there when "he" arrived
Like I was your dirty little secret, or something
We said our goodbyes
You hugged me like you never wanted to let go
Your friend asked me for a ride home, but you asked her to stay
I saw "his" truck coming in as I drove away
Never saw his face
I'm assuming he's the manifestation in my mind
Of who you might be with now
But I'm don't know
It may not even be you
Just your image over what I can't actually see

This dream wasn't as bad as the last one
I managed to fall back to sleep, dreamlessly
Unlike the last where it took nearly two days to erase the image
Why are you invading my dreams now, after all this time?
And what does it mean, that you're back on my mind?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What is really in a dream? What do they really mean?
Are we in love? Is it imagination? A door to an alternate reality?
What is it really? My subconscious calling me a screw-up? Are you reaching out for me in your mind? I barely think about you, then I dream, and I can barely think about anything else.

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