Made of Glass

Story Bones

The sun chased the shadows into memories
She stared across the landscape, aimlessly
Curiosity beckoned all her attention
How she ended up here, she could not mention
Confusion settled into her weary eyes
Tired from all the falling she did from the lies
Exhaustion accompanied by uninhibited resolve
She gawked, awkwardly, at the duplicitous figure, standing tall
Approaching her, seemingly, without regard or care
If she'd been made of glass, she could deprive him her angry stare

He walked toward her, effort building to take each step
He watched her staring, angry, like a violent little elf
A choice was not a choice, when destiny chose to speak
So, he walked across the field, where he saw her waiting to meet
A stitch of regret roiled across his tongue
A twisted web began to knot his stomach up
He approached, carefully, acting like he didn't care
But if he'd been made of glass, he could avoid her angry stare.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Her side, his side, simultaneously. Thought it'd be fun to write both sides of a moment, instead of letting time advance from one character to the next.
Partially inspired by Cassandra Clare rewriting Clary's birthday from Jace's point of view.

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