Story Bones

"Are you serious ?" the word hung in the air
As though it was hung from the moon in a glare

"I have my moments," he goaded her, sarcasm in his voice
He spoke as if he wasn't given any choice

She coughed at his answer, bile sneaking up her throat
Glaring, she let a hand reach to rub before she choked
How could he be so callous, so vile?
She should've known, he'd been like this all the while
A thought crept into the back of her mind
Quickly, she dismissed the image. After all, he was right

"How is it," she chided, "that you always find the meanest way to tell the truth?"

"Because dispatching niceties has no effect on you..."
He let the sense trail, open at the end
He could see the way she was glaring back at him

"If you knew," she barked, rage rising, "what affected me
Then you would soften the edges before you chose to speak"


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