Wanna Get Breakfast? (First 35)

Standing out in a field of wildflowers
For what seemed like an eternity
Staring endlessly at the falling rain
No umbrella to shield me from the showers
Knowing no savior was coming for me
As the mist turned the whole world gray
I soaked in that field for what felt like hours
As the frost gave way to the summer haze

You gave such a heartfelt apology for the secrets that tore us apart
As I fell to tears in your cold embrace
I never should've let myself believe your lies
I wish I'd had the strength to run away
Like Don Quixote, tilting at windmills from the start
Letting all my boundaries give way
I should've left before wasting time

You lied through your teeth
And I was fool enough to believe
You had the best intentions for me
Despite all that deceit

In fairness, through the loss of our innocence
And a lack of my brain making common sense
I have so many new scars, left unseen
Tearing holes through what I thought I believed

When I stare into the mirror
With hallucinations of who I thought was you
I blink my eyes as I start to cower
From the memories of a love so cruel
Trying to see everything I little bit clearer
Of how I let myself be fooled

Trapped in your web of lies, bones left to rot
Tears trapped inside, from what I haven't got
Scars from ties that bind my heart in knots

I found your Dear John notes, incomplete
Finally realized what we could never be
I lit a cigarette to erase the scent of you
Let it burn through your memory
Then set to a blaze to everything I knew
Everything that I thought I believed

You couldn't even break up with me in a letter
Let alone saying it to my face
You just chose to move on to what you thought was better
Sending naught but rejection my way

Riddles and notes
Ashes and smoke
Cigarettes still burning away
Bound by the cost
Of innocence lost
And the secrets you kept displayed

I look back now, to that day
So long ago, a lifetime betrayed
I wish I'd never spoken, just kept to my space
When I saw you in the garden, dressed in leather and lace
I wish now that I hadn't been so eager to meet
Or given you the best of me
I went from loving you more, to liking you less
And it all started with "Wanna get breakfast?"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Super challenge. First 35 words in one poem
1. Mist; 2.Frost; 3.Tears; 4.Mirror, 5.Cold embrace; 6.Eternity; 7.Gray; 8.Boundaries; 9.Rejection; 10.Summer haze; 11.hallucinations; 12.Rain; 13.Umbrella; 14.Rot; 15.Eyes; 16.Heartfelt apology; 17.Windmill; 18.Blink; 19.Innocence; 20.Web; 21.Bones; 22.Unseen; 23.Lace; 24.Teeth; 25.Scar; 26.Garden; 27.Lies; 28.Cigarette; 29.Riddle; 30.Break up; 31.Secret; 32.Cruel; 33.Wildflowers; 34.Notes; 35.Breakfast

There may be others included, accidentally, of course

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