When Love Is A Rhyme

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Hand in hand, arm in arm, soul to soul and heart to heart
How, may I ask, does it feel to you when love is a rhyme?

(from the playful mind of AngryLaughter)
A strange feeling overcoming
A strange feeling full of touching

Intro (from the darkened heart of PaganPaul)
On the darkside of sunset the journey begins,
Ripping through the portals of sins,
Exposing raw love on soft velvet lawn,
Entwined as ivy around the new dawn
Circling arms embrace the pull unreal
To guide unrestrained, the way love feels.

Verse 1 part 1 (from the exceptional Hopefulwoman)
Falling in love with rhyming in time
Journeying fondly with healing in mind
Swept by the wind and carried on through
The heaviest of rains upon seeing the truth
Feeling so sweetly a love so deep
The rhyme holding tightly to dream

Interlude (from the tragically beautiful tallsquirrelgirl)
Tumbling onward, shaking memories
Out of the sun and the autumn breeze
Catching a star feigning cacophony
The world sinking to sunset to fall at love’s feet

Verse 1 part 2 (from the always entertaining, deliciously tasty, Sylkie Smoothie)
The night's stars spell our names as one
In every direction even as we run
Our beautiful game is caught
Every element crossed
Over and over by serendipity's toss
Everything's forgotten and remembered in our melodic dance
Resonating our frequencies In that so familiar glance

Bridge 1 (from our own queen of love, ToLoveLikeAphrodite)
Just as the grass grows towards the sky
The moon reflects in lovers’ light
As stars protect the gods at night

Chorus 1 (why yes, the rhythm writes love, says RoC)
Love is chaos blended to feeling
Striking chords to toe the line
Challenging two to become entwined
This is the feeling when love is a rhyme
From pain of past to future healing
Comes a story of a loving life
One where love must never hide
Not from its truth or anyone’s lies
This is the meaning when love is a rhyme

Bridge 2 (from our beautiful protector, Free-Spirited_Wolf)
Love is wiping tears and holding through the night
Love is keeping safe all the and getting through hard times
Love is creating perfect memories
And spending every moment cherishing

Verse 2 part 1 (from the blissfully sensual CKKmate)
The sun has dipped the night in heat
Whispering rhythms so softly sweet
Shuddering thunder, lightning’s fire burns bright
Setting ablaze in lovers’ eyes
Touching the soul, holding feelings so tight
Never allowing the love to subside
Cupid’s arrow swiftly piercing the air
Enticing the words from a silent lover’s stare
Words caught in a whispered wind song
Penned to draw near a love grown so strong

Bridge 1 Repeat

Verse 2 part 2 (from the hookah to the shoreline, Wonderland’s caterpillar mrpoofs)
Warming fires in the winter’s throes
Warding of heart from dangers unknown
Feeding life back into wayward souls
Giving the blinded and lame the strength
With the sight of magic to ward off the pain
Sorrows follow the tragic as they hide from love’s way
Forever wallowing hollow in shallow seas
Away from the songs of love on a breeze

Bridge 2 Repeat

Chorus 2 (the rhythm returns with a twisted contention)
For love and strength, the two collide
For fear and pain, love still resides
As fires burn, the embers rise
Awakening love unto these lives
This is the feeling when love is a rhyme
In purest essence, hearts become known
In lyric verse, this love is shown
A verse as divine as heartbeats in time
This is the meaning of the rhythm of life
And this is the feeling when love is a rhyme

Bridge 3 (from the “I’m No Poet” stance of denial from Sir Bishu)
Love is ache from a lover’s farewell
Love is the promises lovers always tell
Love is a chest full of butterflies
As the merest of mentions or a lover in sight

Verse 3 part 1 (from the essence of love in our lovely dove)
Love’s heartstrings linger
From melodious singers
Rhymes sung to the beat
With a love so sublime
Endlessly cascading time
Spreading love from lips to feet
Echoes of love on heavenly shores
Marking love undying, forevermore

Verse 3 part 2 (from the undying rhythms of Madame djtj)
Simple little rhythms stir the heart
Crying their love out into the dark
Stirring lovers’ souls to NEW FOUND heights
A task poets and soldiers of words DO aspire
The rhyme of love is that there REALLY isn’t any
Chaos and abandon are none TOO plenty

Chorus 3 (bringing the RoC back again)
Because love is not a gentle rid
It ebbs and dips on rocky tides
It is random, beautiful chaos of life
Not fixed in a sense of standing in line
Despite the guise of recompense
Love is simply proof in sense
That all can find the will to survive
This is the feeling when love is a rhyme

Verse 4 part 1 (from the roughhewn madness of Diamond_Wills_New_War)
For all of its virtues, qualities, and value
A reminder of inequalities come through
That which strengthens other so much
Weakens those evaded by touch
To fear it, revere it, strive and pine for it
Beyond the measures that love can admit
When all love has been is woeful
It is wise to remain always hopeful
Seeking out love and its true proposal

Verse 4 part 2 (from the transcendent rhymes of schmuckjones)
Contentions of light through fractured souls
Reaching for blades of grass like expanding growth
With a borderline push senses prick the touch
In time faith sails, hearts continue to pump
Desire and steam from a lover’s breath aloft
Through the harsh, cold, winter skies
The moon always comes home to roost in the night
In romantic eyes so sultry and soft

Bridge 3 (from the steadfast beauty of brilliance in the mind of our Lady Stella)
The air is crisp, the night is done
To welcome the rise of the new morning sun
Light drinks the shadows, haloing silhouettes
Of lovers who love without thoughts of what’s next
In morning’s promise of another day
Together they love, come whatever may

Chorus 2 Repeat

Bridge 1 Repeat

Chorus 1 Repeat

Verse 5 part 1 (from the man with no love left to give, KindredSpirit)
Trying to forget yesterday
Is why we always wake
Seeking a brand new day
This is our reason
This is our rhyme
Letting love seep in
To clear out our minds
Consuming all with fire and rain
As we all try to see through the haze
We try to forget when we want to escape
From the things that led to this place
All is forgotten in the courses of time
All becomes clear when love is a rhyme

Verse 5 part 2 (the goddess of love returns for an encore, Ms. Aphrodite)
This is love, so true, so bright
It’s written in the stars each night
Two souls colliding, hand in hand
Starbursts of affections demand
Lying softly in the field
All pasts wounds, this love has healed
When lovers form their melody
Of love and life, do wildflowers speak
Rendering language of only bliss
A gaze, a smile, the very first kiss

Chorus 2 altered
For heart and soul, true love collides
Lets fear and pain, from mind subside
As fires burn, the embers rise
Stoking love to spring to life
This is the feeling
Oh, oh
This is the feeling
When love is
A rhyme
This is the meaning
Of the rhythm of life
This is the feeling
Yeah, this is the feeling
When love
(When love’s a rhyme)
Is a rhyme

And the finale, Outro (courtesy of the brightest poetic mind on postpoems’ pages, Lady ashes_twisted)
She thought she had nothing left to give
Tongues pulled asunder, words from her lips
Sliding between one another like quarreling kids
Speech subsided, onto paper ink bled
On a lover’s mouth, the phrase could be read
And she stared at it, motionless
”If love is poetry, then we are just nursery rhymes for children”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thank you to everyone who participated. Without you, there would be no RoC.

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