Today was perfect
Warm and sunny, a slight cool breeze
A walk through the gardens
A picnic by the trees
You laid there in your blue summer dress
Gazing intently at me

I’d spent all week preparing to make my speech
Staring at the mirror, hoping it would tell me things
I went out last Sunday and bought
What I thought
Would be the perfect ring

”I’ve loved you longer than I’ve known you
I don’t know how I lived before
And everything I’ve ever been through
Led to the moment that we met…”

It’s bad, isn’t it, that of everything I write
I cannot find the words to say I want to love you all my life
Speak from the heart, they always say in their advice
But what do I say to put my heart out on the line

Now, here, we sit, beneath the shade of these old trees
I look into the fires staring back from you at me
I know that it is you with whom I want to spend my life
I take out the ring, hold it for you to decide
“Will you make me the happiest man alive?”
You look at me, sweet tears welling in your eyes
This moment seems to linger while you softly start to smile
I wait patiently for whatever’s coming next
Then you look up at me and say “…”

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