Save Me

All is lost…
I am surrounded by the darkness that has engulfed me, my life,
My very existence.
Joy and happiness are gone,
Replaced by darkness and sorrow.
And as I look to the ones I love,
As I cry out for help,
They turn away…
They hear, but they just don’t care.
It’s easy to pretend you care when you don’t really have to show it.

I cry out more and more,
Knowing that they’ll just ignore,
But still, deep inside me,
There’s hope that they will hear me,
And answer me,
And extend their hand and pull me out of the dark abyss that is swallowing me whole.
I know now that I can not do it alone,
But I fear it may be too late,
As there is no one by my side.
No one to hold my hand when I’m afraid of what lies ahead.
No one to comfort me when I’m sad of the things that have happened.
No one…no one at all.
I’m too scared to give up,
Yet I’m too scared to move forward alone.
Stuck in place, praying for a saviour
To fly from the heavens above and lift me up in their arms,
And save me from this hell.

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