Teary Clowns

I have dreams and desires that left me critical

Left me to die inside, exposing me like the full cycle

The tears I cry are those that exposed teary clowns

And those demons keep me on shut down.

The self hatred I feel is like i'm dying inside

And those voices in my head made me teary eyed.

My inspiration in life are my thoughts

Drawn between 2 rocks that left me trapped inside the maze of a paradox

Visions of walking a tight rope without a safety net

Trying to escape my past but i'm paying societies debt

For every lost child, mother and father

To every broken home caused by alcahol and depression

Pressure of living up to God's tasks without failure

To everyone who feels like they are living out a sentence.

I dedicate this to my own hope and possibility, without regret

Of one day finalising my own happiness, but to never forget

And to never ever forget where I came from

Because I witnessed the tears flow from your eyes

Which took no shape or form.

My time in hell has shown me theres no place like home

Where I can sit down, and just be alone.

Because sometimes I cry

And no one really cares that i'm on my own.

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