2009 CyberFriend

From Rob to Tony


Why would I cry
Over someone I've never met?
I haven't touched or hugged
Or kissed him,
Have never heard his voice.


All I know of him
Are images on a screen,
Words printed on my monitor
Show glimpses of his life.


A friend in Cyberspace
Electron connected
Across the Earth but,
Connected nonetheless
To my Mind and to my Heart.


Thru the love of his image,
I met him.
Thru the wisdom of his words,
I love him.


"Seduce my mind
And you can have my body,
Find my Soul
And I am yours forever."


Our bodies are decades apart
My old age is drawn to his youth
But I love his Soul,
And Souls are forever young.


We are kindred spirits,
In Cyberspace connected,
When he has joy - I laugh
When he hurts - I cry

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes our relationships on the Net are as valid as IRL.

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