1982 City Scenes


Domingo Morning
Rob Boyte
Sept. 1982


"Good morning, comoesta?" he said
as he staggered thru the door
left open for fresh breezes.
"My name is Jorge,
George! como se llama?"
Tho we look at him uninvited
with his pint in his pocket,
he persists,
"I love you, what is your name,
I speak in two languages,"
As we get him to leave,
and he staggers down the street,
A drunk again rejected
In both languages.


City Scenes - Miami

Rob Boyte
June 1983


10 a.m. standing outside Tiny's
Paper bags in hand
already anesthetizing the pain
of their existence
While scrawled on a wall
that reeks of piss,
"Poverty is A State of Mind."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

These two poems were inspired by things I saw in Miami in the '80s.

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