2009 A Number of Years

A Number of Years
November 21, 2009


Age is But a Number


Those words are often spoken by
People in their second decade


Young people with more future
Than history
Who know mostly
Joy and exuberance


Today I read my
Long history of free verse
From the exuberance of
Young infatuation,
Thru the sweet sorrow of
Parting lovers


And then the Loss
A loss that approaches
Its first decade
But I still cry when
Returning to that time


I have More History
Than Future
And that history is
Measured by a balance
of Joy and Pain


That I hold in the
Ever accelerating present

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was reading thru my meager lifetime of writing and was moved by my own words on new infatuation (A Southern Maiden) parting lovers (Halet) and an ongoing grief (Nevermind)

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