2022 Trilogy - Rob At The Age Of

At the Age of Seventeen

B. Boyte - 1962


We are the young lions

            beginning to feel our strength.

Our shabby manes are growing,

            our feeble voices roaring,

Undaunted and defiant,

            our jungle we're exploring.


Too old to peer with the cubs,

            yet too young to equal our sires,

We stay in a pack of our own kind,

            eating the flesh that we can find.

With feelings new and strange,

            our wisdom consists of a young mind.


Here we are the young lions,

            the prince of the jungle king.

Though regal beasts we be not,

            and lordly power we lack,

When time changes our lot

            we will rule the royal pack.

At the Age of Thirty Seven

R. Boyte - 1982


Twenty years have elapsed

since defiant youth

declared he was coming of age,

and thot his was the first time

the old order was challenged with change.


But the world is no better

nor worse for the changes.

The young lion, his mane turning grey,

keeps ideals of youth burning within him,

quietly living them day by day.


And he knows by the wisdom

acquired in two decades,

there are constants built into this world,

that forever must the drama of life

proceed in its struggle

thru harmony and strife.



At The Age of Seventy Seven

Rob Boyte 2022


Forty years have elapsed since last I wrote,

My feelings from Middle Age

That now, has more than doubled. 


Seven years past, Tattooed on my ass,

“More History Than Future”

Below a drawing of Young Lovers in their prime.


A History of Rob was inked on my skin

Memoriam to Brenda & Jim - Now Gone

“Life is a Journey, Not a Destination”


And Yet, I Remain - Ageing & Feeble

Witness to a world I will soon depart

as have so many of my Family & Friends


A World that has Changed, mostly for Better

Since my arrival at the End of Great Strife,

With a Surge of Youth Opposing Old Hatreds.


I’ve “Made Love Not War,” with Men & Women,

Seen Equality Enforced by Law.

Civil Rights were won, for a Brief, Brite Moment.


Then, Evil Ignorance Resurged Opposing those Rights

As my Life has come Full-Circle to my Arrival

With a New Start of Great Strife.


“Thus forever must the Drama of Life

Proceed in its Struggle

Thru Harmony and Strife”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In 1962 at the age of 17, I wrote my adolescent, male thots.

In 1982, at the age of 37, with a renewed interest in writing, I updated my observations as a middle aged man.

In 2022, at the age of 77, I decided to finish a trilogy, altho with poetic prose instead of rhyming poetry. 

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