Why Father: part 2

Dear Father  it’s been a year,
I know my daughter I saw the tear,
You said I would  heal because I have another to raise ,
It’s true my daughter , that’s why you keep the praise.
Well Father I hide my pain through family and friend,
It’s ok my child , it’s not yet the end.
He’s gone but not forgotten so what am I to do,
You just keep hanging around the people  who truly loves you.
My youngest dear Father  was the bravest through it all,
I know my daughter I instilled it in him in case you fall.

We been through a lot  and I loved him so,
That is so true , you did , and that I do know.
So tell me will it get better  as each day goes by,
Of course my daughter , would I ever lie.
I know when the time comes I’ll see him again,
that’s true my child but live your life until the end.
I’m glad you’re here for me like you’re always are,  
My child I’m in your heart, I’m never far.
What next my Father  for me to do,
Just keep faith my child , that’ll work for you.

Twenty-four he would have been,
My child don’t worry you’ll see him again.
I had to write you Father to ease my pain,
My child you can write and talk to me over and over  again.
You lift my spirits Father like you always do,
that’s because I love you my daughter and that’s always true.
His Birthday will come and Christmas will be gone,
Just celebrate him in your heart and his spirit will live on.
I thank you so much Father for all you have done,
Come to me anytime my child, I’m up before the sun.  


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