Why Father?

Dear Father can I talk to you?
Sure Daughter what can I do.
My child is gone just so fast,
But he was suppose to go, it wasn’t suppose to last.
But Father why did he leave me out of the blue?
My child this world is not promise to him or to you.
But he was so young and had so much to live for,
Yes but he was warned over and over and I couldn’t do no more.

Father the last time I saw him he had a smile on his face,
Yes you did my child, but remember it was pure grace.
I thought he be here longer, so you saw something I didn’t see?
Yes I did, I saw his future, I saved him from  all the misery.
My heart is hurting Father, how can it heal?
Just know that you have my love and it’s airtight seal.

I cry every night and no one really knows,
It’s ok my child in due time your strength will grow.
I know I loved him Father and he loved me to.
I know all of this my child, but remember you have another child and he needs you.
I try to comprehend but it doesn’t feel right,
It’s ok my dear, just don’t give up the fight.

He was 22 and loved by all,
Yes he was but we all must fall,
Why did I ever thought he would out live me,
Because you didn’t see what I saw, you were being naïve.
What am I suppose to do without him now?
You just move on and if you need me I’ll be around.

Thank you Father for hearing what I have to say,
It’s ok I’ll be here for you everyday.
Now I know I’ll feel better and that’s because of you,
Well my Daughter this is what I do.
Give him a hug father and tell him that I care.
I will but trust me I’m pretty sure he was aware.
               SHAWN D. BULLOCK      


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