Just be my friend

Who told you God intended you for me
who told you I was the one for you in holy matrimony?
You didn't want to be friends,thats how you lose a good thing,
why couldn't you take your time and see what the friendship brings.
You knew I had friends right when you met me,
now you feel lost and alone telling me your heart is empty.
If you say you trust me, then don't put doubt in your mind,
just give us a chance and trust me we'll be fine.
All I can say is that I care about you,
I can't give you any more than what you ask me to.

I'm not going to rush for love, not for one single man,
that includes you and if you care then you'll understand.
God has someone for me and I believe it in my heart,
who's knows who it could be, just be my friend like we were suppose to be right from the start.

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