Why I love you!!

I love you because you love my crazy sense of humor and my witty way,
you even put up with my nonense each and every day.
even when I tried to leave you, you stuck by me to the end,
so baby not only you are my man but you're my bestfriend.
I will tell you over and over again that I'm sorry and how much I really care.
there's not one man that moves me like you do, not one anywhere.
I know you have your friends and yes I do have mine,
so when I talk to mine and accused you that was out of line.
You know what I have been through and I know you wouldn't hurt me.
it was you that brought out so much in me, and that makes you trust worthy.
The devil try to ruin me and take away my love,
but I kept the faith in me and just prayed from up above.
I believe in the miracles our father GOD can do,
because everytime I walked away he brung me back to you.
so this is where I want to stay in your arms so hold me tight,
because God forbid with anyone else it would not have been right.

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