MY brother

Since you've been gone we have not forgotten you,
GOD said time to go and you were only forty-two.
You were a son, brother,father,and even a grandad,
you were loved by all, the best we ever had.
I couldn't even bear to see you in that hospital bed.
knowing you will never come back home from what the doctor said.
You were so full of laughter and had so many friends,
who would have thought October 2, 2005 will be your end.
As I think about you always and my eyes shed a tear,
I can't believe in one month you'll be gone one full year.
So what I want to say to you my dear sweet brother.
you rest in peace along with the others.
GOD'S will and when the time has come.
we shall meet again on our way to his heavenly kingdom.

This is dedicated to my loving brother...
              Wayne D. Bullock
             Oct. 18. 1962
             Oct. 02, 2005  


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