A walk in the park hand in hand,

gazing into each other eyes where we stand.

Laying on the beach and looking at the stars,

saying to myself the king that you are.

A candle light dinner just for two,

thanking God almighty that I'm blessed to have you.

Submitting to your love and all we share,

knowing your love is unconditional and you care.

Cozy nights on the couch hugged up as one,

wrestling,teasing, and tickling ,even all that is fun.

Thinking of you when you are away,

just knowing you love me as I love you,thats why I stay.

Nice bubble bath with scented candles all around,

massaging your body to reach your inner soul as you're laying down.

Long talks at night when we're not together,

showing our affections outside in any type of weather.

To whisper in your ear to say I love you,

yes my dear all those things are just so beautiful.

A baby cooing without any care,

rainbows in the sky from hear to there.

standing on the moutain top without a clue,

yes these things to me are beautiful.

The color of leaves as they change in the fall,

and to know in my heart we have it all.

People may not see what I see in you.

So when they ask I just tell them I see beautiful.

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