When I couldn't walk you took the steps for me,
When I was blind you showed me the way,
When I cried you were my hankerchief and let me cry all the way,
When I was down you brought me back up,
When I lost all trust you made it possible to believe in it again
When I thought I couldn't love again, you came along and restore my faith .
When I wanted to be alone, you insisted you keep me company.
When I talk to God everyday,he writes your name in my heart.
When I sleep at night, you make me dream only of you.
When I was so angry,you had the patience to bare with me.

So baby I want to say thank you for :
helping me to walk again toward a future
letting me see a beautiful man
wiping my tears aways when ever needed
picking me back up when I was down
helping me to trust when it looked impossible.
showing me how to love again when I thought I couldn't.
always letting me know you are right by my side and I will never be alone.
staying in my heart when it was empty.
giving me such sweet dreams of only you.
being so patience with me and not giving me a reason to be angry.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its whats in my heart..

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