Another Heartbreak

You began to osculate benevolently, the passion  making my intire spine shiver and tingle at the sheer tender touch. With eyes sewn shut, all I see is the universes picturesque view of a thousand stars and nebulae.

Embracing me in your secure arms, cradling me like a baby until I dream. Whispered promises to never let go.

My heart, it fluttered a flutter and you cherished it like a jewel, you were the guard intending to defend for infinity, you were my protector. You aided it when it got battle wounds, you were my hospitable doctor.

You kept me stable, with my feet wrapped in love and then you tripped me up. You let the poison spill. You let the pot smash. 

This hearts slowly decaying, now it's pulses are feeble. You broke the promises, now I'm just hanging around and you're holding the noose.

But I wouldn't take the risk and jump the yawning chasm of my exausted heart. You'll only fall, deep into the abysmal firey crux.