My darling

                                                                                                October 1st 1950

My darling,

Adam it has been six long months since I've heard from you.
Life has been difficult enough without a reply. I just hope it's a fault in the delivery and not that I am writing to my dead husband, my lover.
I want you to know I will never forget you. Everytime I hear your name I get chills, they tremble down my boney spine, I become weak at the knees, dizzy and faint. I yearn for you to know that I can't cope anymore. The emptyness has taken over me completely. I'm unable to look after Tommy; he's safe with my mother. I am fatigued constantly, sleepless nights, I have lost interest in the things I once enjoyed and have repeated thoughts of depressing things.
This might be a lot to take in, I understand and I'm sorry, if you're still alive, I'm so very sorry... 
But this is my life now, in which I don't want anymore.
It's funny how you have gone to kill people and I am the one ending up with a pistol to my temple. This is my last resort. I love you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

English exam.

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