Aquatic Joy

The deep royal indigo
with all it's profound glory;
calmfully rippling,
telling a story to the
majestic travelling whites above.

Pure blues up high,
mirroring the soul that is projected.
By the sparkling surface,
effortless waves. Speak truth.

Captures hopeful wishes,
magic dreams. 
Curious to know what diamond gems hold
whom gently swim
among your midnight,
navy aquatic joy.

Wonders of what lingers beyond
your first-class, pristine horizon.
Maybe whispers of blissful enchantments-
hung the the air by stars.

Or a continous dazzling mirror,
Perhaps at the end trickling,
Glistening glass, fragile and playful.
Leaping ever so elegantly,
here then there.

Pure cotton turquoise,
it absorbs gleefully all that is benevolently
being gifted from the opposite delightfulness carelessly. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An old one that only makes sense in my head...

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