If memories could kill

Sprawled out on my bed, remembering times long ago, times of misery, my troubled mind twisted into a bow.
Past becomes present as the images shoot me between the eyes, cutting a beeline to my soul, strait to my former demise. 
The monsters slither out from under the bed, intending to engulf me, to bring back all the pain, all the mental debris.
Time has taught me to resist the temptation of these evil entities, but I cannot fight it now, I give in to my previous identities.
Looking in the mirror my eyes roll to black, the despair burns in my heart, there's no coming back.
Thoughts filled with poison invade my mind, making my heart slow in a flash, the curtain of monsters fades my vision, my life cuts to hash.
If memories could kill, wound or shatter, there would be nothing left in this room except a mutilated cadaver.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Where there is dark, there is always dark

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