Who Am I To You

I'm the dog at the door, that sits and waits for you

I'm the fatherly scorn, when you are untrue

I'm the hopeful love, waiting for a time and place

I'm the stalker, obsessing over your flawless face

I'm the motherly care, when you need someone to wipe tears away 

And I'm always there, when you need me.


I'm at your beckon and call,

At your command, down at your feet,

I am your man.


A drop of a hat and I come your way

I say fuck seperation, fuck distant space

Fuck planned times of coming together

If I feel the need, I'll see you whenever

The only question left to say, is

Would you accept me this way, with open arms and delightful surprise,

Or would the surprise, be the look in your eyes?

I guess I'll stay home and stick to the plan, 

so I may never truly know if I am your man.

So I am your man, am I your man? You are my home.

The point is, I really suck at being alone.

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