Stick With Me

Reflect on days of glory past,

Moments flash, and images pass.

Life moves way too fast,

To keep everything under wraps.



With each ending day, my chest will hold your head, hopefully this is where you'll stay, no other in my stead.

Until we indefinitely lie down to rest.


Left, right, straight, backwards, up or down

Push me this way, that way, you can toss me around

But the only direction that I'll take,

Is the one that moves in your wake,

And if any direction gives you a place, I will follow, won't hesitate. 

Halfway across the world or down the street, onto you, I'm en route

Whether a 7-hour flight or a 30-minute commute,

No amount of time will keep me from you.


Because as stuck to you, as I am

You're as stuck with me, as you can be

The one who completes me.

Slow my time, make it freeze

For the time will always slip away,

But it'll seem to stay, if we're together everyday.


Forever can be long, we must just bend time our way, and to our will

Even when we're dead and gone, our love will remain still.

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