Don’t let the thoughts consume,

Don’t let anxiety ruin,

Don’t let worry override, 

Don’t let one piece have two sides.

If, is a question and if, is a hope 

But if, can be forever, if one just hopes. 

Work for it now and don’t look back,

Life has its way of getting on track.

Distance is just an empty space, but think of you constantly,  I’ll envision your face.

Come together, we’ll re-collide, me and you together, forever you and I.

Kiss me now, remembrance

In my head, the feeling imprints.

Find my way back to you in this circle of life

It wasn’t no hoax, earnestly wish to make you my wife.

Work on our own in the empty space, work for a future, work each day,

But don’t let our lives come inbetween 

Work for eachother a future, where’s there’s no space between.

Don’t let these thoughts of worry assume,

Don’t let the worst of outcomes come true,

Don’t let anxiety come between,

This special thing within you and me.

Distance is our race, and we’ll run it down. 

I wish to carry you forever, but in the meantime, I’ll

Hold you now.

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