Hello life,

Carried off so well.

Count the issues, hope to quell.

Why is every night, a sleepless hell?

I thought you knew (How I'm)

Dying at the thought of you

And if you hurt, it hurts me too.

I wish I knew, how'd we get through

Catch myself,

Dying at the thought of you.


Play it still, play it safe.

Won't be the last you see of my face.

I always come back, I thought you knew

Always come back, to the thought of you.

Assert you're mine, feelings true

Dying at the thought,

That you love me too.

So realign, the stars divine

All the stars, stuck in your eyes,

Focus on mine, realign.

I thought you knew

I wish you knew (How I'm)

Dying at,

The thought of you...


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