A Nation of Many


Distribute the doses, nationwide

Induced comatosis, a nations’ pride 

Pledge a life to multiple outlets 

Pills, porn, politics, guns, abundant violence 

Killing in the name of...

Were all machines full of rage...

Enraged by our cage,

A new Black Death, the plague of modern age

Flaunt what you have, show off what you got

Value decreases, a millions’ not a lot 

Year by year, we destroy and decimate 

Conquering away, your culture we’ll desecrate 

United by the states, perhaps it is too late 

Conform to our ideals or meet a bitter fate 


To all the natives, to all the slaves, to the indentured, to the depraved, to the racially discriminated, to the racially enslaved, to all the different peoples, and all their different ways. Do stay integrated, no matter the shun, just don’t become a nation of one.


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