When the Time Comes

I have a family that was once an integral part of my life

But many of them haven't seen my face in years

As I grow older, so do my excuses

I know they understand, that past conditions once had me clueless

But time is one great teacher and just as good a healer

However, reconnecting with them, is something I still fear

Why can't I embrace?

Well, you see the truth is...

I'm afraid to show my face,

Afraid to put affection on display,

Would rather keep emotions muted.

Too scared to see a face I once knew, and then question,"who's this?"

Is it because of my dad?

Is it because of me? 

Or did time just make me forget I had another family?

I really shouldn't focus on who's to blame, because it honestly doesn't matter

I just hope that they love me all the same, and my relationship with them is one that time did not shatter.

But if so, at least I know, we'll forever share the same last name.


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