Love is a religion.

Religion is a lifestyle.


Unto you I worship,

Down at your feet, for to not receive your love

Demise I shall meet.

You're my holy scripture, to you I flock, like that of herds

I understand your feelings before they're even words.

To you, all my affection amasses

Forever at your service,

Just tell me where your mass is. 

Learn to know your thoughts, watch them become my own

Rock solid in a love, a love that's set in stone.

So how religion is a lifestyle,

You are my religion,

With you an endless life, I am able to envision.

Lord knows all and unto the lord I testify,

As my lord, by you I am seen, on you I rely.

A life that is without you, one in which I'd rather die.

I will forever adore and cater to your every whim, and as the sun always beats yellow

Our love is a rose that shall never go prim. 

Religion can entail fearing some creator, just as life can entail a fear of death, but no fear reaches me more

To being unable to take in your breath.

Love me now,

Love me forever,

Pray we never sever.

You're my lifestyle, you're my truth, you're all the proof, you are my vision.

I pray that I stay living, with a lifestyle of love, and a love that's my religion.



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