One Year


Remember how we used to love the Fall?

The way the tress changed into to their

Majestic clothes, preparing for the

Onslaught of the long, cold winter?

Remember how we'd go for those

Drives, just to see God's handiwork?

And marvel at the beauty of

The Fall in all it's splendor?

Now the time of Fall is here,

And all I can remember is that

You're not here.

And I'm alone...and how you left...

The trees just chill me with the

Reminder of the cold, and

Long and chilling Winter

Like a Grave...

They make me so sad.

I can't believe it's been

A year....

I miss you so much

I look at the trees and long to hear

Our conversations, your Voice

The change only brings sadness

A constant reminder, you aren't here.

I close my eyes, and almost hear

Your voice

I sleep and almost see you

I wait

For the Spring

To make things new again

I love you Mom

Til we meet Again


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