One Last Time

One Last Time

Mom...I miss you so

So many changes are coming my way

And I need to sit and talk to you

I wish just one last time

You would stroke my hair

And pull me close

And tell me

"This Too Shall Pass"

It's almost been a year now,

And each time I think about

You being gone...

I begin to cry

I miss you in ways I never thought

I would, or could

I miss your smell

Your laugh, your smile

I miss your knowing there was something

Wrong, before I said a word.

No one else has ever known me like that.

Sometimes, I pass your picture on the wall

And see your knowing smile

I remember the good times

I remember the movies we saw

The secrets we shared...

Our love of Angels, Music , the Joy in living..

Everything you taught me...

But most of all I remember your gentle spirit.

Today, I was thinking of you

As the rain fell gently,

On the window pane

I was wondering what it was like

Where you were

As my tears ran down my face

Like a river from Heaven

I wished I could be with you

For just a moment

One last time.....

I Miss You So

Til We Meet Again..

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