Happy Birthday Mom


Today would have been your 75th Birthday.

I would give anything to have you for this one.


Instead, I will have to let the Memory of

So many past Birthdays, and joyous celebrations

Suffice, and hold me up.

I never thought there would come a day, when you

Would be gone from me.

A child never does...

And yet, we all grow up,

We start new families

We grow old...

And eventually we die

It's just hard Mom...

You know?

A part of us never really loses

That need for our parents.

So on your Birthday, so far away,

I want you to know, how thankful I am

For all things you gave me,

While you were here.

For the "knowing" that I could do anything

I set my mind to

For the safety in your arms, that the child in me

Never wanted to give up

For the strength of character to face

My inadequacies head on

For the unconditional love

That never, never died....even now, I feel it.

For the faith, it has taken me to

Survive even your death,

And reach out to others,

As I have seen you do countless times

Happy Birthday Mom

Aleta Tannlund


January 28th 1929

Angel Wings

October 11th 2003

You are So Missed,

And I am Blessed to

Have been your daughter,



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem to my Mom, who passed away in October of 2003.  She was not only my Mom, but my very best friend. I miss you Mom.  Someday, we'll meet again.

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